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DHM Youth Ministry Leader

Andrea Nicholle Lee was born and raised in Far Rockaway, New York. Employed by the Mount Vernon, New York school system, Andrea has worked as a Teacher's Aide for over 13 years. Along with over 20 years of experience in child education, Andrea is a published poet, spoken word artist, and author.  As a long-standing member of Deborah-Huldah Ministries, Inc., she has often used her gift of writing to compose skits and proclamations for DHM’s "Tea Party for Girls" events. In 2010, Andrea founded Words 4 Life ministry to further reach the youth and the Body of Christ through podcasts and the written word. While Andrea has endured many hardships, obstacles, and abuses, she did not let these adversities quench her enthusiasm for impacting the lives of today's youth.  In recognition of these accomplishments, Andrea Nicholle Lee has been appointed DHM’s Youth Ministry Leader in July 2019. 

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