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A faithful man of integrity and humility with a heart for people

Pastor Richard A. Garner Sr., the Pastor of the Redeemed Church of Jesus Christ in Mount Vernon, NY.  He is committed to communicating God's Truth with passion and relevance to people at every level, from the seeker to spiritual leader.  Pastor Garner's teaching of God's word is illuminating and sound, he is a no nonsense preacher who believes strongly in relationship and fellowship with God must be consistent.  

Under his leadership, The Redeemed Church is transitioning to becoming a Healing Community where people release the good in one another that God has already placed there.  A community of believers where the heart of God is home, where the humble and wise learn to shepherd those on the path behind them, where trusting strugglers lock arms with others as together they journey on.

Pastor Garner took over leadership of The Redeemed Church of Jesus Christ from his Father in the Gospel and mentor, Bishop Kelly L. Basnight.  It was through his leadership wisdom, and guidance that Pastor Garner was nurtured, developed and matured in his relationship with God.  Pastor Garner believes that it was through Bishop Basnight's life and tutelage that he is what he is today.

Pastor Garner has a B.S. in Economics from Manhattan College and M.S. in Supervision and Administration from C.W. Post-Long Island University.  He was captain of the Manhattan College basketball, where he was named Honorable Mention All American and winner of the prestigious Haggerty Award - the most valuable player in the Metropolitan Area.  He was drafted by the New York Knick and the Indiana Pacers in 1972.

Pastor Garner served in various instructional and administrative roles in the Mount Vernon City School District in Mount Vernon, New York. Upon retirement from the school district Rev. Garner transitioned to full-time ministry service as the pastor of The Redeemed Church of Jesus Christ. He has been married to the lovely Celestine Vann for over 25 years and has two wonderful children, Richard Jr. and Corinne Jeanette.


Written by: Corlissa Belcher

Visit to hear Rev. Garner's sermons and learn more about the church's ministry work.

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