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A woman of integrity, inspired by her passion to empower women

Diana David-Smith epitomizes a woman of integrity, truthfulness, abounding dignity, and perseverance. In her humble and unassuming manner, Mrs. David-Smith is a dedicated vessel who continually motivates, inspires, and encourages those in need. Her lifestyle, teachings, mentoring abilities, and testimony reflect her total commitment to provide a reasonable service, as she steadfastly impacts the futures of children, adolescents, and adults within the urban communities across the United States.


Born Diana Lorraine David, and raised in Mount Vernon, New York, she is the second child of George and Lorraine David.  Diana and her three siblings Gregory, Elizabeth and Philip were all encouraged by their parents to pursue Christian principles, share with others, believe in themselves, and complete their education. Diana married Harold Smith on July 5, 2014 in Mount Vernon, NY where they currently reside. Family and friends describe her as being well-organized, tenacious, loving, humorous, wise, and resolute.  "Whenever her hands touch something, the outcome is excellent - because it just has to be that way."


Growing up in Mount Vernon, New York, Diana participated in the Brownies, Girl Scouts, and the Cadets. A graduate of the Mount Vernon High School, she was an active member in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Mrs. David-Smith endured many challenges during her college years. However, she persevered, worked her way through college, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park. She studied at the Bible College at the Jericho Training Center in Washington, D.C. for four years. In 1989, she directed a Bible study group in Maryland. In subsequent years she participated in the divinity course of study at Drew University in New Jersey. Diana is privileged to have taught Sunday school for young adults, at the Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church for a period of five years. Inspired by her passion to help women with issues of low self-esteem, fears of inadequacy, and living in self-pity, she launched a ministry called, "Deborah-Huldah Ministries, Inc." She currently trains intercessors on spiritual warfare principles, her main teaching theme is on sanctification and she has hosted and ministered at many conferences and retreats. Diana and Harold are members of The Redeemed Church of Jesus Christ in Mt. Vernon, New York and their Pastor is Rev. Richard A. Garner, Sr.


In addition to the spiritual enhancement of her life, professionally Diana has reaped many blessings in the workplace.  She commenced her career with Colgate Palmolive Company in 1984, as a sales person in Maryland. In 1993, she was promoted to the position of Senior Market Development Manager. This position afforded her the opportunity to relocate back to Mount Vernon, as well as assume the responsibility for Colgate’s Ethnic Marketing initiative which encompasses the northern region of the United States.  Diana does not hesitate to applaud Colgate for its contributions in urban areas. She utilized her position as a leveraging base that consistently impacted communities in need. Diligent in responding to those that require help, she developed interactive programs and career days that provided meals, consultative services, and financial assistance throughout the United States.  


She views her career at Colgate as being committed to economic development.  In many respects, it has been a means to an end of financially supporting community projects, women’s ministry, and countless single mothers and families in need of someone to intervene and make a powerful, substantial difference in their lives. Since retiring from Colgate Diana has dedicated her time to her family and cultivating Deborah-Huldah Ministries.

Written by: Alma Jefferson

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